Year end support for Public Sector organisations

As the year end deadline for most public sector organisations approaches, your accounting resources might be stretched to cope with the peak in workload.

If you need to supplement your team with additional resources during this busy time we can provide expert staff cost effectively on a call off basis as and when required.

Having joined forces with Menzies LLP, a top 20 accounting firm, we are now able to provide an even wider service range and increased capacity.

Our year end accounting support services include:

  • Creating a year end timetable (or supporting you to create one) to ensure all tasks are performed on time and any preparation work is planned for.
  • Providing staff who are trained in IFRS, SORP and UK GAAP to help you identify and meet the relevant statutory requirements.
  • Performing year end tasks such as producing group accounts, bank reconciliations, reconciling intercompany accounts and consolidations, pension fund accounting and finalising financial statements including annual returns.
  • Analysing and investigating outturns against budget to highlight opportunities for improved financial management.
  • Liaising with external auditors, freeing up your staff so that they concentrate on other key activities.

In addition, throughout the year we can support you to produce an in year as well as a year end plan so that future year end processes are carried out smoothly and effectively. This is to enable lessons learnt to be captured and produce a roadmap for next year. i.e. year end becomes much easier and more manageable if ‘in year’ activities are planned and carried out during the year and then consolidated at year end.

Our services are available on a call off basis also through the Government Procurement Services MCAS framework Lot 12 and through the new ConsultancyOne Framework Lot 4.3 (i.e. avoiding the need for a lengthy procurement process as the framework has already gone through the OJEU process).

Our staff have extensive experience in carrying out year end (and month end) closing as well as having experience of working with public sector organisations including Central Government, Local Authorities, Police, Higher Education Institutions and the NHS.

In summary, we can manage and deliver the year end process for you or we can support your team on specific tasks as required.

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